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"I was sent here to protect my cousin. Turns out he didn't need my protection. But there's a whole planet full of people who do. Earth doesn't have just one hero anymore. Now it has me. Now it has Supergirl."
—Kara Danvers[src]

Kara Zor-El (born 1966) is the daughter of the scientist Zor-El and his wife Alura. Kara was sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton to protect her younger cousin Kal-El. However Kara's pod was knocked off course by Krypton's explosion, sending her ship into the Phantom Zone, where she slept for decades while being suspended in time and un-aging. Her pod later escaped, and she arrived on Earth where she was placed with the Danvers family by an adult Kal-El, now "Clark Kent", later becoming Kara Danvers. She was formerly the personal assistant of Cat Grant at CatCo Worldwide Media, and is the hero known as Supergirl, stylized as the "Girl of Steel", the "Maiden of Might" and the "Last Daughter of Krypton".


Early life

Kara was born on the planet Krypton,[1] in the prestigious House of El, to her parents; scientist Zor-El and judicator (judge) Alura Zor-El. In her house she had a room that overlooked the city.[2] As a child Kara went often on vacation with her parents in different planets[3] such as Starhaven[4] and Sedenach.[5]

One night Kara stayed up late to see her mother. Questioning her mother as to why she had come home so late, Kara was told by Alura that a Hellgrammite had been brought before the citadel. When Kara mentioned that she wanted to help people like Alura did one day, she was told by her mother that she would, as she had the heart of a hero. After being told to get some rest by her mother, Kara researched Hellgrammites.[6]

Kara was given a spy beacon by her aunt, Astra, which could be used to call her. When Astra disappeared, Kara messaged her and Astra arrived, telling her that Krypton is dying. Unbeknownst to Kara, it was part of Alura's plan to lure Astra out of hiding to arrest her for her crimes.[7]

Phantom Zone

Kara in her pod preparing to be rocketed away from Krypton

Kara in her pod, preparing to be rocketed away from the dying planet of Krypton.

When she was thirteen years old, Kara was sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton, charged with protecting her baby cousin Kal-El. Her mother told her that due to Earth's yellow sun, she'd have extraordinary powers and go on to do amazing things. However, when Krypton exploded, Kara's ship was knocked off course by the shock wave, pushing it into the Phantom Zone.[8] She slept there for 24 years until she awoke and noticed computer console in her dashboard that lights up with a logo with three dots in a triangular shape, before Fort Rozz's engines activated.[9]

Sent to Earth

Kara's pod finally landed on Earth. Since time doesn't pass in the Phantom Zone, she still appeared as a 13-year-old girl. She was found by a then adult Kal-El, who had gone on to fame as Superman. She was then taken by Kal-El to live with Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, a pair of scientists who once helped him understand his own abilities.[8]

Young Alex and Kara

The Danvers sisters in school.

She was enrolled at Midvale Junior High School along with Alex. Kara was freaked out by her new world along with her developing powers. When they went to the beach she embarrassed Alex by staring at the birds as they did not have them on Krypton. When a car crashed close by Kara ran at super-speed to the rescue saving a mother and her child with her super-strength. However Alex was injured by a car door when it exploded. After that, Jeremiah and Kara decided that it was best for Kara to hide her powers, and Jeremiah gave her a pair of glasses she could wear to suppress her vision.[10] One night, on the roof of the Danvers' house Kara convinced Alex to sneak out and go flying with her, despite the latter's initial protests. Kara and Alex were later caught sneaking in by Eliza and Jeremiah, and lectured about the rules. After someone knocked on the door, the girls were sent up to their room, with Eliza telling Kara not to use her super hearing to listen in on their conversation.[3] Kara was invited by Superman to see the Fortress of Solitude several times, though she rejected the offers as she thought it would remind her of Krypton.[9] Over the years the bond between Kara and Alex became so strong that none of them can imagine her lives without the other.[11]

Embracing her powers

Deciding that the world didn't need another hero, for the next twelve years Kara decided to live a normal life[8]. In middle school Kara was bullied by a girl she nicknamed Belinda-The-Bully[12], then she graduated from Midvale High School and later went to National City University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, she did a summer internship at the Midvale Newspaper and spent three years waitressing at Noonan's Restaurant[13] before she went in for an interview at CatCo, meeting Winn Schott, and using her abilities during the interview to secure the job.[10]

Kara after saving Flight 237

Kara after saving Flight 237.

After a failed date, Kara saw on the news that Flight 237, the one her sister Alex Danvers was flying on to go to her conference in Geneva, was going down. Attempting to save the flight, Kara used her abilities for the first time in years, successfully helping the plane land, though not without causing damage to Otto Binder Bridge. Though was later berated at her apartment by Alex, who was upset that she had revealed herself to the world, and couldn't take it back. Deciding to become a hero, Kara confided her secret in Winn the next the day, on the roof of CatCo. With Winn's help, a costume was made, and Kara was able to stop a bank robbery and car chase.

Supergirl after defeating Vartox

Supergirl after defeating Vartox.

Kara was later subdued by the Department of Extra-Normal Operations while trying to stop a fire, the latter whom used Kryptonite darts. Meeting Director Hank Henshaw at the DEO base, it was explained to her that when her ship got loose from the Phantom Zone it dragged Fort Rozz, Krypton's maximum security prison with it to Earth. Though she offered to help, her offer was rejected by Henshaw. The next day, Kara was furious Cat Grant had dubbed her Supergirl, later being contacted by a Fort Rozz escapee, Vartox, and although she was defeated on their first encounter, she later convinced Henshaw to give her another try, in which she defeated him.[8] It was later revealed to Kara that Superman had asked James to come to National City, as Superman had asked him to come there to keep an eye on her. Kara was confused as to why he didn't just tell her he wanted her to be a hero himself, with James revealing to her that Superman wanted her to choose it for herself, the same way he had to, as that was what made a hero. Kara was then given the blanket Kal-El was wrapped in as a baby, that James had been entrusted to give to Kara for her to use as a cape.[8]

Kara talking to James and Winn

Kara enlisted the help of Winn and James.

A week later, Kara tested her abilities with the D.E.O.. She later stopped a fire at the National City Port, and the next day at work, Kara was present at the meeting where Cat told her employees that she wanted an interview with Supergirl. However, Kara soon after told James that she wasn't going to do it, as Cat would recognize her. Kara was later contacted by Alex regarding an alien theft at Plastino Chemicals, with Kara identifying it as a Hellgrammite afterwards. Kara offered to subdue the Hellgrammite, though her offer was rejected by Henshaw who wanted her to prove that she could handle herself beforehand. Kara was then brought into the D.E.O. training room and swiftly defeated by Alex. Arriving into work the next day sore, Kara took advice given by Cat Grant of starting small and working her way up, and enlisted the help of both Winn and James. With their help, Kara was able to handle several situations. Later at her apartment, she thanked Winn and James for their help, and was soon after given an apology by Alex. The following day, Kara listened in on James' conversation with Cat, giving him a pep-talk after he was given a dilemma by Cat. Directly after, Kara was called by Henshaw who notified her that Alex had been abducted by the Hellgrammite. After criticizing Henshaw, Kara tracked down Alex at the warehouse she was being held captive at.
Kara and Astra fighting

Kara and Astra fighting.

There, she discovered her aunt Astra was still alive, and a fight between the two ensued. Kara and Alex were saved from Astra by Henshaw, and later at the D.E.O. Kara was shown a room that had been setup for her to communicate with her own personal A.I.. Kara later carried Cat's car to a remote location for their interview, telling Grant that James Olsen had told her that Cat had wanted to talk to her.[6]

During her interview with Cat, Kara accidentally revealed that her and Superman were cousins, flying off afterwards. The next morning at Noonan's, Kara was teased about her crush on James by Alex, who also told her she had to stop telling people her identity as Supergirl. At CatCo, Cat told Kara that she would be writing an expose on Supergirl for a issue of their monthly magazine, and that'd they be having a big party to launch it. Kara was later alerted by Agent Vasquez of a multiple car collision on the highway. While there she encountered a masked villain who attacked her, after brief battle between the two, the man flew away after she damaged his suit. Back at the D.E.O. headquarters, the man was identified as Reactron, an old villain of Superman's. Afterwards Kara was told by Henshaw that the D.E.O. wasn't going to help her deal with him, as Reactron was human, and fell out of their jurisdiction. Later, Kara and James were shown Ed Flaherty's old office by Winn, who had turned it into a base for their Supergirl matters. While going over Reactron's powers and his history with Superman, James suggested that Kara call Superman for assistance, much to her reluctance. After being informed of Maxwell Lord's capture by Reactron, and discovering the latter's identity, Kara found out the location of Reactron's hideout, saving Maxwell though she was soon defeated by Reactron, and subsequently saved by Superman. The next day she discovered that Supergirl was being discredited by Lord in the media because of Superman's intervention, and dismissed James after discovering that James called him. At Cat's party, Kara danced with Winn and later James, though Reactron broke in interrupting them. As Supergirl, Kara stops him, successfully removeing the power core, powering his suit. Back at her apartment, Kara and Alex make up, with Alex suggesting that Kara asks James out. However when Kara goes to his office the next day, Kara sees Lucy Lane, James' ex, who arrived to talk to him. Kara overhears the conversation, leading her to believe that Lucy wants to get back with James. Upset about this, even giving Winn the cold shoulder, Kara received a texted apology from Clark.[14]

The drone analyzing Supergirl

A drone analyzing Supergirl.

While flying in National City, Kara encountered a drone and destroyed it, afterwards blaming the D.E.O. for following her. Later at CatCo, Kara offered to watch Cat Grant's son after discovering that Grant had won the Siegel Award for Women in Media, and didn't have anyone to watch him. At Noonan's Kara talked with James about his relationship problems with Lucy Lane, leaving after finding out a bomb had went off in a building nearby. After saving the building, Kara was soon after reminded by a call from Cat Grant, that she was late to pick up Carter. After picking up Carter at St. Edmund Hall, Kara brought him back to CatCo, and later stopped James from venting to her about Lucy. Kara then received a call from Alex about the bomb at Lord Technologies, arriving there as Supergirl, and successfully getting the bomb clear of the city, being knocked unconscious from the bomb's explosion. She later awoke at the D.E.O., and was informed of the bomber's identity, Ethan Knox. Though she offered to help, Kara was ordered by Alex to sit out on the case, after falling from the height she had. While getting lunch from Noonan's, Kara encountered Lucy Lane who confided in her about her problems with James, which she later recounted to James. While going to protect Maxwell Lord's super train on it's opening, Kara was alerted to a bomb at Lord Air Terminal. Kara then received a call from Winn who told her both Carter and Knox were on the train, deducing that there two bombs, and telling Alex and Hank to handle the airport, and she'd handle the train. Arriving on the train, Supergirl alerted Lord of the bomb, and told him and Carter to get all of the passengers to the back of the train. After finding Knox, she pleaded with him to deactivate the bomb, though to no avail, having to deattach the train car that Ethan was in from the rest of the train, watching it blow up from a distance. The next morning she was berated by Cat for letting Carter get onto the train, and later that day confronted Maxwell Lord after discovering he was the true culprit behind the bombings.[15]

As Supergirl, Kara stopped an alien convict from escaping the D.E.O.. At her apartment, Kara along with Alex greeted Alex's mother, Eliza Danvers, with the Eliza complimenting Kara on her work as Supergirl. At CatcCo Kara invited Winn to her family's Thanksgiving dinner, after finding out he had no plans. Afterwards she listened in on Cat demoting Leslie Willis to the traffic chopper, and she later in the day had to save Leslie from the helicopter after lightning hit the aircraft. While doing so, lightning deflected off of Kara it deflected onto Leslie, putting her into the hospital. The next day, Kara went with Cat to visit Leslie in National City Hospital. During Thanksgiving dinner, Kara announced that before everyone ate, she wanted them to go around saying what they were all grateful for. After going first, Kara excused herself to answer a call from James. After an argument between Eliza and Alex broke out, and Winn and Alex left, Kara left to handle an emergency for Cat Grant. While there, Livewire arrived and attacked both Kara and Cat, with Kara causing Leslie to flee as Supergirl. Later, Kara discussed what had happened with Henshaw, who deduced that Kara was the Element X in Leslie getting her powers. Back in Cat's office, the two had a conversation about the death of Kara's parents, her current family problems, and Cat's problems with her own mother. Kara agreed to ask the FBI for a direct line to Supergirl, as well as taking Cat's offer to go home. At the D.E.O. Kara was given a industrial capacitor to capture Leslie with, and working with Cat, she was able to grab a water pipe under the street and short out Leslie with it. Before leaving, Eliza revealed to Kara and Alex that Jeremiah died working for the D.E.O., under Hank Henshaw.[3]

Kara later broke up a road rage between two men, causing one of the men to confront her. Kara caught his punch, and twisted his arm, scaring children in the process. She was later criticized for her actions by both Maxwell Lord, and Hank Henshaw. Kara and Alex later persuaded Winn to hack into the D.E.O. mainframe to discover what had happened to Jeremiah Danvers. Both Kara and Alex were called by Henshaw, and at the D.E.O. base camp, General Lane arrived, demanding that Supergirl fight their field robot, Red Tornado. The next day, Kara as Supergirl flew to the D.E.O. base camp for her fight with Red Tornado. As the fight progressed, Supergirl lost her temper, breaking off Red Tornado's arm in the process. At CatCo, Kara lashed out at Cat, as she was frustrated with always being yelled at, despite working hard at her job. Kara and Cat later had drinks together at Noonan's, with Cat giving Kara advice on controlling her temper at work, furthermore find out why she was angry. Kara was alerted by James of Red Torando's appearance, with Kara arriving as Supergirl and engaging the android in combat. However, Kara had to diffuse a tornado Red Tornado caused, allowing it to escape. At a garage Kara and James blew off steam together, with Kara hitting a car, losing her temper, and soon after confiding in James that she thought she'd never find love or a normal life. At the D.E.O., Kara was informed by Alex that Morrow was still controlling Red Tornado.
Supergirl angrily firing a blast of heat vision at Red Tornado

Supergirl destroy Red Tornado.

After the D.E.O. drew the robot out using hologram technology, Supergirl engaged Red Tornado and used her heat vision in an attempt to stop Red Tornado once and for all, causing the android to explode. While later cleaning up a glass from a cup she had dropped, Kara cut herself, much to her surprise.[16] She was later informed by the A.I. hologram of her mother, that her powers had been drained after she used the full power of her heat vision. Though she is told that her abilities should return in a few days, and Kara is urged by Alex to enjoy her day without her powers. Kara is later sent home by Cat for the day, when Cat sees her sneeze. She later encounters James, and a earthquake occurs soon afterwards, with a car almost colliding with Kara, and although James knocks her out of the way, she sustains a broken arm. After Maxwell Lord criticized Supergirl's absence, Kara and James visit him, with him claiming that Supergirl no longer has her powers due to her recent fight with Red Tornado and may never get them back. Back on the streets, Kara is present when Maxwell attempts to save a woman's father, though in the absence of an X-ray machine to find a venous thrombosis, he fails. Without her power of X-ray vision, Kara is unable to save the man as well, making her feel helpless.
Supergirl talking the armed robber out of robbing a convenience store

A powerless Supergirl talk an armed robber out of committing a crime.

Kara hears a robbery happening nearby, showing up as Supergirl, and talking the robber out of it, with James snapping a photo of the event. She is later informed by Winn, that an adrenaline rush will restore her powers. After James almost falls down an elevator shaft , the moment allows for Kara's powers to return. With her powers back, Kara stops several disasters, including a bus of children from falling off a bridge, and a fire at West National City Bank. Kara was later told by Winn that he was disappointed in her, for her actions with James, despite him having a girlfriend. She later thanked Cat Grant as Supergirl for her actions during her absence, and while flying, Kara was attacked by three Kryptonians, led by her Aunt Astra.[17]

Kara fights them off, and although Astra attempts to persuade Kara to join them, Kara refuses and leaves. She then returns to the D.E.O. to inform Alex and Hank, though they suggest she not rush anything, and get some rest. The following day, Kara is asked by Cat to bring in Winn and James for help after news broke of her leaked email server. At the D.E.O., Kara sparred with Alex, with the latter chiding her for hesitating during their session, and furthermore that she thought DEO should handle the Kryptonian threat, because of Kara's familial ties. Kara and James informed Cat that there wasn't anything in the emails that could be used to slander her, though Kara was later told by Cat to keep looking for any more leaks, as she suspected Dirk Armstrong was going to find some way to damage her reputation. Kara, using her hearing, listened to Armstrong admitting to having set Cat up. Kara then asked James to enlist Lucy's help in tracking a paper trail to clear Cat's name. Soon after Kara went to confront Astra, who had called her out publicly. During their battle, Kara eventually gains the upperhand, taking an unconscious Astra back to the D.E.O.. There, Kara discovers her mother used her to summon Astra in the past, to get the latter arrested. At CatCo, Kara learns about Adam Foster, an individual in Opal City Cat had been paying money to. She later finds out from Cat that Adam is her estranged son. Kara is later present when James, Winn, and Lucy arrived presenting her with evidence that Dirk was behind the leaks. Later, Kara goes to Cat, and is surprised to learn that Cat found out that she was Supergirl. During which, Kara gets a call from Alex, and excuses herself and arrives ready to battle Non.[7]

During her fight with Non, Hank is abducted by Non. At D.E.O. headquarters, Kara asks Astra where Non took Hank, but she refuses to reveal anything. Kara tells James and Winn of Cat suspecting her to be Supergirl, a suspicion Cat continues to test through various challenges. Kara is present when Non contacts the D.E.O., offering to trade Hank for Astra. Much to her horror, Kara later has to sit by while General Lane tortures Astra with a Kryptonite injection. Kara later has to save Alex and another D.E.O. agent from an explosion after Astra's revelation of Hank's location turns out to be a trap. At CatCo, Kara is given the dilemma of proving that she isn't Supergirl, or Cat will fire her. Later, Kara thanks Cat for the opportunity to work with her and resigns, explaining that Cat's suspicions make it impossible for her to do her job. Afterwards, she discovers James' injuries that he had sustained, after investigating Maxwell Lord, announcing that she'd go after him. While visiting Astra, Astra tells her that going through with the exchange is the only way to rescue Hank. Kara agrees, though there is initial protest from General Lane. She is present when the trade is made, and though Non springs an ambush, Astra calls off the attack, demanding that Non honor the agreement. Hank later uses his shapeshifting ability to impersonate Supergirl so that Cat can see her and Kara at the same time, and Kara is offered her job back. Though Kara is offered full-time job at the D.E.O. by Hank, she rejects it because her relationships at CatCo are what humanizes her. She later has an online chat with Superman, who offers her both support, and assistance if she ever needs it.[18]

During a flight together, Kara attempts to convince a reluctant J'onn to embrace his powers and reveal himself to the world. The two are then joined by Alex and the three come up with a plan to find out what Maxwell is hiding at Lord Technologies. Kara is later present when Agent Cameron Chase arrives to question him about his father's whereabouts. Kara then confronts Winn, who tells her his father's crimes, and Winn then shows Kara a doll he received on his desk, from Winslow Sr.. Later, Kara questions Cat's reason for hiring Lucy, only to have Cat accuse her of making a move for James. Kara goes along with Winn, when the F.BI. has him go to an arcade to meet his father, in a trap. She later saves several agents and Winn from poisonous gas, inhaling the gas and dispersing it into the air. Back at CatCo, Kara is informed that Winslow Sr. must be hiding in an abandoned factory that he use to own and Kara flies off to capture him before the FBI does. When she arrives at the factory Kara is trapped in a box of quicksand, and overhears a girls voice from an overhead box that is about to be dropped into a shredder. She escapes but discovers a Supergirl doll in the box, allowing Winslow Sr. to escape. At her apartment, Kara is kissed by Winn while the two were talking, though she rejects him. At National City Toy Con, Kara later saves Winn from being shot by several F.B.I. agents, and uses her x-ray vision to see Winslow Sr. set bombs on a timer. She turns on the sprinklers and freezes the water to create a frozen shield that protects the Con's attendees, foiling Winslow Sr.'s plans and subduing him. Later at CatCo, Kara tries to apologize to Winn, who in turn apologized for kissing her, though isn't sure where they stood because of his feelings for her. Later that evening Kara flies in with her Supergirl costume into her apartment, confiding to Alex about Winn's feelings for her and admitting she felt guilty about it.[19]

Kara is later on the verge of being fired because Adam Foster arrives in National City, after receiving a letter written from Kara, who pretended she was Cat. However, Kara turns things around by offering to have the two dine together by getting them reservations. She later saves Senator Miranda Crane when a White Martian attacks the rally, and afterwards offers to J'onn to help take it down. Kara helps Cat out with getting to know Adam before their dinner, and is later shown photos by James of the White Martian's attack at the rally, who notices that some of them show Miranda's eyes glowing white—much like those of the White Martian. Kara calls Alex, telling her that the White Martian is at the D.E.O., disguised as Miranda. Kara shows up as the White Martian is about to attack, only for the White Martian to escape. At CatCo, Kara tends to Cat who is upset over the dinner earlier because of the letter, which prompts Kara to go see Adam personally. After a short talk and an admission from Kara about the letter, Adam agrees to meet with his mother on the condition that Kara joins them. During their dinner, Kara acts as a mediator and successfully helps mend their relationship. Later, Kara goes with J'onn to the desert to rescue Alex, and defeat the White Martian. During the battle, J'onn puts Kryptonite handcuffs on Kara so he can kill the White Martian, though Kara talks him out of it. At the D.E.O., Kara is thanked by the real Miranda Crane, and later Kara is asked out on a date by Adam, which she agrees to. At her apartment, Kara and Alex see a Supergirl impostor save a car from falling.[20]

At the D.E.O., Kara suggests the impostor is a clone. Kara later notices Cat being nice to her because she was dating Adam. During her date with Adam, Kara sees a news report of a stranded tram, prompting her to bail. Atop the tram, she was confronted by Bizarro, who ignores her questions and attacks her. During their fight, they broke the tram's support, causing it to fall. Supergirl catches it while Bizarro watches in slight puzzlement. Kara is later asked out on another date by Adam, which she was convinced to go on by Alex. On their date, Adam and Kara discussed their parentage, and Kara said it's hard for her to feel normal, though Adam told her no one feels normal and the two kiss. During which, Bizarro swooped down and dragged Kara away. The two fought and Bizarro gained the upper hand until Alex arrived, fireing at Bizarro with Kryptonite weapons, causing her biological structure to mutate and decay. Bizarro screamed her hatred for Supergirl before flying off. Kara realized that Bizarro came after her in her civilian identity and deduced that Max knew her secret identity. Kara stated they need to stop Max once and for all. Back at CatCo, Kara broke up with Adam, citing she didn't have room in her life for him. She was later alerted to James' position after he had been captured by Bizarro.
Flame breath vs freeze breath

Supergirl and Bizarro fight.

Supergirl and Bizarro fought again and the latter tried to strangle Supergirl, though Alex got a clear shot and knocked Bizarro unconscious. Supergirl later got an apology from Bizarro before she was put under. Kara later went to confront Maxwell, telling him he'd never hurt anyone again, before the latter threatened her foster mother, angering Kara. At CatCo, Cat told Kara she wanted their relationship to go back to being strictly professional. Kara was later attacked by a creature when she arrived back at her apartment.[21]

Black Mercy and the death of Astra

Kara inspects her carving

Kara under the control of the Black Mercy.

Kara woke up on a bed and was surprised to find herself on Krypton, with her mother Alura claiming that Kara had been suffering from "Argo fever". She later panicked as she did not have her powers or didn't understand what was happening. She was distracted by a carving she made for Zor-El when she was eight, but was conflicted over her memory of leaving Krypton as well. She was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and go home. Kara's memories of Earth later faltered, and she was finally distracted and placated by a young Kal-El, who asked her to open an intricate orb, which she did. The orb opened a large holographic display of the cosmos. With Kal-El pointing out Krypton and Kara quietly agreeing with him that it was beautiful. When Alex arrived in the hallucination, Kara knocked her out with a sculpture, having no memory of her life on Earth. Kara's memories were later jogged when Alex was being sentenced, and she was freed from the Black Mercy. After she awoke, Kara angrily demanded to know who had done it to her, and angrily confronted Non, pummeling him. She later spoke to Astra during her last moments, while she was dying. She later arrived back at her apartment, to find Alex, Winn, and James waiting for her.[11]

Astra's funeral

Kara and Non at Astra's funeral.

Later at her apartment, Kara was summoned by Non to attend Astra's funeral. She was also told that there'd be a two week mourning period, and then Non would kill her. At the D.E.O., Kara refused to release Maxwell Lord, and the next day at CatCo, Kara was informed by Cat that she had hired a second assistant. After being one-upped by Cat's new assistant, Siobhan Smythe, Kara overheard Cat telling James and Lucy to investigate Maxwell Lord's disappearance. Soon after, Kara argued with James over the D.E.O.'s ethics, and holding Max without due process. She was later questioned by Siobhan about the nature of her and James' relationship via message, though Kara told her they were simply friends. She later confronted Master Jailer, eventually becoming entangled in chains, allowing him, along with the Fort Rozz escapee he was hunting, to escape. Back at the D.E.O., Hank identified the alien as Luzano, a former drug smuggler Alura had put away in the past. She was later once more confronted by James about the D.E.O.'s imprisonment of Maxwell Lord, though she told him that she did what needed to be done. Kara later discovered that Master Jailer was a police detective through Alex, and confronted him in his civilian guise. She was soon after captured by Master Jailer, finding herself in a cage without her powers. While there she talked with Professor Luzano, with him telling her, his story. The two however were saved by Alex and the D.E.O., and Kara was able to defeat Master Jailer. Kara and Alex later released Maxwell Lord, and later after unsuccessfully questioning her A.I. about Myriad, told Hank she didn't know how to work with him after what he had done to Astra.[4]

In the days following, Kara rejected Alex's offers of coming back to the D.E.O.. She later prevents an accident, after a hacker who appears on CatCo monitors, disrupts the city's traffic signals. Back at her apartment, the hacker teleports through a computer when Winn attempts to crack the hacker's code. However, Alex and Hank arrive, and after making the hacker retreat, she rejects another offer to come back to the D.E.O.. Kara is later taken to Superman's Fortress of Solitude by James, where she questions Kelex, telling it that she's looking for a Coluan. Kelex tells her the hacker is Indigo, a descendant of Brainiac and a prisoner at Fort Rozz for attempted genocide, and is considered the deadliest of all the escaped prisoners. She later tries to talk to Lucy after she gets mad at James for missing their date, recounting a story James told her about how he got his camera. Kara later arrives at a military site to fight Indigo, who was attempting to launch nuclear missions at National City. However, she is forced to abandon the fight when Indigo activates a missile. She attempts to push it off course, but it simply adjusts its path and continues to fly towards National City. With Hank's help however, she is able to successfully disarm the missile. Indigo attempts to launch more missiles though Kara returns to stop her. She is later defeated for good, after being infected by a virus that disabled her. Kara later tells James that he can tell Lucy her secret, though he reveals Lucy broke up with him. Kara later returns to work at the D.E.O., with Alex coming clean about killing Astra, causing the two to embrace.[9]

Kara destroying police cars

Kara wreaking havoc in National City.

Kara is later infected with Red Kryptonite when she flies out to help a fireman trapped by debris in a fire. The next day, Kara smashes her alarm clock and arrives for work at CatCo wearing somewhat more stylish attire than normal. She later lets a K'hund Fort Rozz escapee go after defeating him, and afterwards criticizes Hank for hiding his abilities when him and Alex confront her. At CatCo, Kara gets Siobhan fired by luring her away from her desk long enough to print a copy of the email of her trying to sell the story of Supergirl letting the alien escape, to the Daily Planet. Kara invites Winn and James to celebrate at a club. Kara arrived late, and persuaded James to dance with her. She tried to come on to James, and trashed Lucy in the process. Kara later flies to CatCo, and tells Cat that she's no longer interested in being a hero. To prove her point, she throws Cat over the balcony, and flies down to catch her just in time. Later at her apartment, Kara adopts a new uniform, similar to what Astra and the rest of the Kryptonians wore, laying into Alex when she arrived, pouring out years of resentment. Flying off, Kara wreaked havoc on National City, causing Hank to reveal his true martian form, as J'onn J'onzz and engage her, allowing Alex to use an antidote on her. Kara is later horrified at her actions under the influence of Red Kryptonite, and attempts to soon after apologize to both James and Cat, though unsuccessfully.[22]

Days after, Kara went to stop a bank intervention in the morning, though everyone fled when she arrived, due to her scaring everyone while under the influence of Red Kryptonite. She then took a sick day at work, and later fails at listening in on Colonel James Harper's interrogation of J'onn. Kara along with Alex later object when J'onn is taken into custody, though to no avail. She is later shocked, when Alex is also taken into custody, and the two are both being sent to Project Cadmus. Kara later has James explain what Project Cadmus is, and Kara is forced to reveal her identity to Lucy in an attempt to save J'onn and Alex. Both Kara and Lucy later break J'onn and Alex out while they were in route to Project Cadmus. Kara offers to hide Alex in the Fortress of Solitude while she finds Jeremiah, but Alex insists that she has to be the one to find him. Back at the D.E.O., she agrees to help Lucy, as Lucy is promoted to acting director of the D.E.O.. Upon being informed that a bank robbery is underway, Kara heads off to stop it. However, she didn't know if National City would ever trust her again, though Lucy reassures her that if she can win her trust, she can win back the city.[10]

Livewire and Silver Banshee

Supergirl and The Flash meet

Supergirl meets The Flash.

Kara along with Winn later took Siobhan to the D.E.O. after she had fell from a roof, as she'd displayed the power to save herself. Later at CatCo, Kara was sent flying by Siobhan using her sonic scream. However, she was caught by The Flash, who accidentally ran them to the desert. Kara proceeded to fly off, but stopped in order to talk to him. Introducing himself and explaining that he was from another universe, he asked for her help to return. Kara took Barry to their makeshift base at CatCo, where he was introduced to Winn and James, explaining to all of them the concept of the multiverse. Promising to help him get home, Kara enlisted Barry's help with Siobhan and Livewire. She then took him to the D.E.O., introducing him to director Lucy Lane. Tracking Siobhan and Livewire, they found them at an abandoned warehouse. Despite being unsuccessful in their attempts to subdue them, Barry suggested that Kara needed to slow down and stop trying so hard, drawing from personal experience. Back at the D.E.O., Kara was contacted by James, telling her than Cat Grant had been kidnapped by Livewire and Siobhan, now known as Silver Banshee. Utilizing ear bud-type devices, the two villains were quickly defeated, along with the help of National City citizens and the fire department. Later, Barry and Kara returned to the desert. They combined their speed in a race, with Kara throwing him through a portal that was created. Later at her apartment, Kara and James shared a kiss, though afterwards she was surprised to see him walk away with a blank stare, and joined hundreds of other people marching blankly down the street, all under the control of Myriad.[1]


Kara arrives at the D.E.O., and attempts to stop a prisoner, Maxima, from escaping. However, Lucy stops her with Kryptonite bullets, though she is able to stop the rest of the prisoners from escaping by destroying the computer terminal, using the afterburners from her pod. After removing the bullet, she flies to the Fortress of Solitude to find her cousin Superman, but Kelex tells Kara that he is not on Earth and refuses to inform her about Myriad. However, the A.I. of Alura explains that Myriad was a mind-control system Astra and Non were arrested for trying to use against the people of Krypton, also learning Kara that once Myriad is in effect it can't be stopped. Back in National City, Kara is noticing everyone, even Winn and James, are now under the Myriad effect and watching Kryptonian codes on the screen, General Lane has placed the entire city under quarantine, but Kara informs him that she will help save his daughter. However, she soon finds out Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant are both unaffected, due to Max's technology. Non soon arrives, and forces James, Winn, and Kelly to jump to their deaths. Kara however is only able to save Winn and James. Soon after, she warns Alex not to come to National City, or else she'd be under the control of Myriad. She later agrees to go along with Maxwell Lord's plan, though Cat opposes to it. The two go to Lord Technologies to convince Lord not to launch his bomb, and the trio went to Cat's original broadcasting station intending to broadcast a counter signal to Myriad. However, Alex arrives under the control of Myriad, and in Kryptonite armor, engaging Kara in battle.[23]

Supergirl giving her speech to the people of National City

Supergirl gives a speech to National City.

During the fight, Kara was swiftly defeated by Alex, and almost killed, until J'onn arrived with Eliza, who talked Alex out of it, breaking Myriad's control over her. In the broadcasting station, Kara successfully broke Myriad's control over the people of National City, by giving a speech about hope. Later at the D.E.O., Maxwell Lord informed them that the Kryptonians were now using Myriad, increasing the frequency until every human's cranium exploded. Before she could leave, Maxwell Lord warned Kara that this was in fact a suicide mission as she had no backup. After hearing such, Kara gave Winn, Cat, and James goodbyes of sorts at CatCo. She later, identified the device Maxwell Lord had discovered that was powering Myriad, as a Omegahedron, energy devices used on Krypton. After being informed that the Non and the Kryptonians were hiding out in Nevada in Fort Rozz, Kara went to confront them, along with J'onn who the D.E.O. agreed to release. Before she left, Kara gave Alex the necklace her mother had given her, to keep it safe. There, Supergirl and Non fought each other, and Indigo and J'onn battled one another. Kara eventually defeated Non in a heat vision face off, and a dying Indigo revealed that she had locked Fort Rozz's system, so they couldn't fly away the ship, which was powering Myriad. Kara decided to fly the ship into space, telling her sister goodbye over her intercom. While doing so, Supergirl went unconscious. However she was saved by Alex who used her pod to rescue her. Back at the D.E.O., Kara was congratulated, and the next day at work Kara received praise from Clark via message, and was promoted by Cat. Later at her apartment, Kara had a celebratory dinner, though it was interrupted when a pod flying in the sky caught their attention, causing Kara and J'onn. At the crash site, Kara recognized the pod as identical to hers, and was surprised at what she found inside.[24]

Superman's arrival

Kara and J'onn found a comatose alien in the pod and placed him in D.E.O. National City headquarters. Arriving at CatCo, Kara meets miss Grant, who asks her if she decided what position she wants, to which Kara said that has not yet decided. Then Cat gives her 48 hours to make a decision. After that Kara comes home and starts to pick up a dress for her date with James. As he arrives, bringing pizza and ravioli, Kara turns on the TV, where they sees the launch of the Venture spacecraft, which suddenly begins to fall due to engine failure.
The Adventures of Supergirl

Supergirl and Superman after their first team-up.

Kara flew to the accident site, where she joined by Superman, and together they prevent catastrophe, to cushion the fall of the shuttle. Kara arrives in D.E.O., bringing Superman with her to shows him the man they had found into the pod the previous night. Then Clark decides to join the investigations on the fall of the shuttle, and offers to go to CatCo with Kara. There Kara apologizes to James fot having interrupted theyr date and appoint a new one. After this Kara and Clark go to the Luthor Corp, to talk with Lena Luthor, who explains that she refused at the last moment to flight on the Venture due to an emergency meetings on the renaming of the company and is not related to the accident. Later Lena Luthor's helicopter was attacked by drones, but Supergirl and Superman saved her, destroying them, and then Supergirl told Lena that someone wants to kill her. Later, Kara tried to talk Lena out of doing her speech, but she said that she should do it. During her speech John Corben attacks Lena but she was saved by Supergirl while Superman support a building from collapsing on a square full of people.

The next day Kara came to Cat and said that she decided to become a reporter. Cat said she knew that she would have chooses this position. Then, Kara decided to talk whit James and told him that in her opinion it is better to be just friends. In D.E.O. Clark told Kara that he decided to stay in National City a little longer.[13]

After she was promoted to reporter, miss Grant introduced Kara to her new boss, Snapper Carr. Kara started to tell him that she would try to be a good reporter, but he just walked away without listen to her. Later, at her apartment, Clark told her that it was time for him to return to Metropolis, to which Kara was clearly upset. At this point, the news reported about a man who is about to jump down a bridge, so Supergirl and Superman arrive at the site only to discover this person is John Corben, who is now a Kryptonite-powered cyborg dubbed Metallo. He struck Kara whit a Kryptonite beam and she lost consciousness, but before he can kill her, Superman threw him off the bridge and brought Kara to the D.E.O.; the next day, Kara returned to CatCo and came to Snapper, but he refused to give her any instructions, saying she is not working there, which outraged Kara, who went to miss Grant and ask her for help, however Cat told her that she should resolv her problem by herself and also that she decided to leave the company to experience something new. Later, Winn made Anti-Kryptonite Devices for Kara and Clark.
Supergirl and Alex vs Metallo

Supergirl and Alex fight Metallo together.

While Superman and the Martian Manhunter dealt with Gilcrist in Metropolis, Supergirl and Alex overcome Corben in National City, as Alex stabbed him in the chest with a piece of pipe while Kara held him. In the evening Kara flew to Cat Grant in the guise of Supergirl and said that she knew that she was leaving, telling her she admires her. Kara then once again came to Snapper, giving him an article about the battle between Supergirl and Metallo with the testimony of eyewitnesses, and the comments of police, but he did not even want to read it entirely, then Kara said she would find another magazine who will take her article, but he stopped her and said to come back tomorrow. Immediately after that, Kara went to D.E.O., to say goodbye to Clark, who returns to Metropolis. Then she decided to visit the comatose alien, who suddenly woke up and seized Kara by the neck,[25] then threw her aside and ran away from the D.E.O.[26]

Dealing with Mon-El

Olivia Marsdin is welcomed to the D.E.O.

J'onn and Supergirl whith President Marsdin.

Later J'onn told Kara that President Olivia Marsdin will come to D.E.O. during her visit to National City, which she commits to sign a decree on granting aliens the rights of US citizens, a news Kara was very excited about, especially After Alex tells her that the President expects Supergirl would meet her as her plane arrives. Later, at work, during a meeting Snapper gave each member of the staff a commission instead of James, and Kara, instead of an interview with the President, was sent to Lena Luthor. Kara, in the guise of Supergirl, arrives at the airport to meet Olivia Marsdin, but as soon as she got off the plane, she was attacked and nearly killed if not for the intervention of Supergirl.
Kara and Lena

Kara interview Lena.

After that Kara comes to Lena Luthor, as she needed a comment from "the sister of the most famous alien hater". Lena tells her that L-Corp developed a new device that will identify aliens and offers Kara to test it. When Lena turned, Kara used her laser vision to sabotage the device and then agrees to test it, so it gives a negative result. Lena believes that people have the right to know who is an alien and who is not, therefore, she plans to put the device in all the country stores.

In the evening, Kara brings Snapper the article with Lena Luthor's comments, but he refuses to accept it as it is written too biased, and requires a rewrite. In D.E.O. Winn locate the fugitive alien, and Kara is sent to the observatory from which he wants to communicate with Daxam (the sister planet Krypton) to catch him, because she believes that he is the one who attacked the President. A fight broke out between them, resulting in the alien knocked unconscious by Kara, then she took him to the D.E.O., where he is locked in a chamber. Later Kara came back to Lena, who praised her for her wonderful article, although she admitted that initially thought that Kara would "mix it with mud" because of their different views. Olivia Marsdin gave her speech and was about to sign the decree, when she was attacked again. The culprit turned out to be Scorcher, which managed to escape. Later, Alex found out the factory warehouse where the criminal hide and she, along with Kara, arrived at the placee and managed to defeat her. The next day, Kara apologized to the alien from Daxam, Mon-El, for having treated him biased due to the fact that her people considers Daxamites a race of bullies and hedonists, and for the fact that she accused him of the attempted assassination of the President. After that, Mont-El said he wanted to send a signal back home, but Kara was forced to tell him that Daxam had expired after Krypton's explosion.[26]

Kara joined Alex and Detective Maggie Sawyer to a crime scene, where she helped establish the deceased alien was killed by another alien. Later, she went to work and told Snapper the news, but he refused her article, as she did not have any official sources. Later, after Alex and Maggie found the underground alien fight club, Kara arrives to back them up but, after the ringmaster, Roulette, released Draaga to fight against her, she was quickly overcome so Alex and Maggie shots into the air to disperse all the present forcing Draaga and Roulette to flee. Later at the D.E.O. Kara and Alex told J'onn that they have see M'gann M'orzz at the club. Later Kara once again came to Snapper with news regarding the fight club, he immediately became interested, but as soon as he learned that Kara again has no source, and even unofficial statements, he says that as long as she does not indicate her sources he can't publish her articles. In the evening Kara stopped Roulette's limousine and told her that she will stop her illegal fights, to which Roulette replied that her club does not violate the law, as aliens are not people, and therefore they have no rights, pointing that on the contrary, she is giving them a place where they can "find glory and earn money".
Kara talks to Mon-El

Kara talks to Mon-El.

The next day, in D.E.O., Kara speaks with Mon-El about her parents and what they were. Before she left, he told her that he had seen Draaga fight years ago, and that during a battle a sword hit him in the right leg, making it his weak spot. The next day Kara learns from Alex that J'onn and M'gann were kidnapped by Roulette and, after she obtains from Lena Luthor the new address in which Roulette will host the battle, Kara comes to it and managed to defeat Draaga. Then she explains to the aliens that Roulette is in fact their enemy, so they agree and let Alex and Maggie arrest her.

The next day Kara comes to Snapper and gives him an article about the fight club, which has an official police report, criminological analysis and comment from Supergirl. He takes the article, but asks to correct some errors. Then she comes to the Mon-El in D.E.O. and she tells him that she was sent to Earth to protect and educate her cousin, but she was unable to fulfill this mission, so now she will train him.[27]

Kara and Mon-El at CatCo

Kara and Mon-El (as Mike Matthews) at CatCo.

Kara asked Winn to make Mon-El a fake ID as "Mike Matthews", and arranged him a job as a CatCo intern. They come at the office together and Kara introduces him to Eve and James, whit whom she later go to take a coffee, encountering a gang of criminals armed with alien weapon that Kara unsucessfully tried to stop from robbing a bank and escape. Back in CatCo, Kara learns from Eve that Mon-El asked her to do the work that James had given to him, so she approaches him and explains that he has to do his job. At this point, Lena Luthor comes to CatCo and invites her to a charity event to raise funds for a children's hospital. Then Kara is called Alex, who told her about another robbery, Kara arrives on the scene, and one of the gang members with the help of anti-gravity gun sends a police car in the sky. Flying behind the car, Supergirl managed to saves the policeman, then she returns to CatCo and found Mon-El making out whit Eve. Angered, she tells him that she tries to help him fit but he spoils everything, and that if he does not want to do anything he would look for another coach. Later Kara comes home and found Alex at her door, she tells her that she is in some ways confused but, seeing Kara upset, Alex immediately asks her what happened and the latter responds that Mon-El did not perceive the work seriously. Alex advises Kara to let Mon-El find what he is interested; after that, Kara asks Alex if she was going to say something, but before she can speak, Lena came to Kara's apartment and asked her to arrange a meeting with Supergirl. In the evening, Kara arrives at the L-Corp in the guise of Supergirl and Lena invited her to her charity party in the case of gang attacks. The next evening, Kara and Winn arrive at the charity event, where Kara supports two conversations at once with Lena, both as Supergirl and in her civilian identity, by rapidly changing clothes.

Kara fights with the gang of criminals.

After a while, Kara meets Mon-El at the party and he invites her to dance, then the gang of criminals armed whit alien weapons broke at the party and start a struggle with Supergirl. At this point, Lena and Winn were able to establish a black burst generator, destroying the criminals' weapons so that they were captured. The next day Kara comes to Mon-El and says that he was fired, then she tells that she will not force him to live as she sees fit, and that he can find what he likes. In the evening Kara, in the guise of Supergirl, flew back to Lena thanking her for her help.[28] The next night, Kara and Mon-El sat at the alien bar, and she told him that he should find a job and start training with her, however he ignore her advices and offers her an alien cocktail which got Kara drunk for the first time in her life, so Alex and J'onn took her at the D.E.O., where she fell asleep. The following morning, Kara trains with Mon-El to teach him how to "change the world" and become a hero (also taking the chance to getting her revenge on him for what happened the previous night).
Alex comes out to Kara

Alex comes out to Kara.

At this point, Alex asks Kara to talk in private, and they went out into the street. There Alex admitted to Kara that she is a lesbian and that she has feelings for Maggie; to which Kara results a bit shaken. In the evening J'onn sent Kara and Alex in the National City University to arrest doctor Rudy Jones, who was infected by an alien parasite. However, as Kara hit him, he grabbed her hand, sucked out of it a part of her life forces and escaped. The next day, at Kara's apartment, she told Alex that she understands how it feels to keep part of themself locked away. Later in the city center, Kara discovered that Mon-El has found a new work as a loan enforcer, and in the heated conversation that followed, she told him she was disappointed and that he was no hero, and in turn he told her she was not really altruistic, but rather an attention seeker. The exchange left both disheartened. In the evening, J'onn and Supergirl confront Parasite, who defeat them simultaneously sucking the life forces of them both; then they are rescued by Alex and taken at the D.E.O., where Kara quickly recovers thank to solar radiators.

Supergirl confront Parasite.

meanwhile, Parasite terrorizes National City and is faced by Mon-El and the Guardian until Supergirl arrives and, after offering to him one last chance to surrender, she completely obliterate him by using plutonium from a nuclear power plant. Then she thanked Mon-El for what he has done, and the unknown armored vigilante, whose costume is partly made of lead and so she could not see who is underneath even whit her X-ray vision. The next night, Kara came to Alex's apartment to talk to her, but she did not open the door; worried, Kara entered from the window and Alex, weeping, told her that Maggie has rejected her. Kara hugs her and begins to comfort her.[29]

Medusa virus

The Darkest Place

Supergirl imprisoned at Cadmus.

After Mon-El was captured by a bunch of Cadmus' agents who deliver him to one of their hidden bases, putting him in a cage, Supergirl is informed by Cadmus at a special frequency that they have the Daxamite and promised to kill him if she did not come. When Supergirl arrived in Cadmus, she met the real Hank Henshaw, revived as a cyborg, who was able to overcome her and imprison her in the cell next to that of Mon-El. Here, Lillian Luthor revealed herself to Supergirl as the leader of Project Cadmus and threatened to kill Mon-El, if she does not deprive herself of solar energy with the help of a special device; despite Mon-El's pleas for Kara not to do it, she was forced to agree, then Lillian slapped her and took her blood for the purpose of obtaining information on "Medusa" before to sent her back to the cells. Left alone in the cells, Mon-El and Kara bonded and discussed their fears, and what happens if they do not live through this ordeal. Fortunately they were rescued by Jeremiah Danvers, who had access to Cadmus IDs, and chose to remain behind for unknown reasons. Later that night, Kara, Mon-El and their friends celebrated their return in Kara's apartment and she informs Alex that Jeremiah is alive and well; then she told Mon-El he was brave throughout the ordeal, to which he replied any courage he had, he learnt from her.[30]

Kara prepares to toast at Thanksgiving

Kara spend Thanksgiving with her family and friends.

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, Kara helped to cook the turkey using her heat vision. She soon after walked over to Winn and James, the former of whom claimed to not be able to wait for Eliza's glazed carrots. She answered the door to Mon-El, who came bearing flowers and mattress stuffing, having mistaken food stuffing for the latter. She introduced him to Eliza, who hit it off right away with him. When she asked her mother about this, thinking he was hitting on her, Eliza voiced her belief that he was doing this in order to impress Kara, as he in fact liked her. Later on, as they sat down for dinner, they expressed what they were thankful for. Before Alex could come out, they were interrupted by a breach. The following day, Kara, Alex and Winn all headed to work at the D.E.O. Hoping to find out what Lena Luthor knew, Kara headed for L-Corp under the guise of writing a piece for CatCo. However, their interview was cut short. The day after, Kara visited a contained Mon-El, who had come in to contact with a toxin released by Cadmus. Due to its targeting of aliens, she was forced to stay at the D.E.O. Kara and Mon-El played Monopoly to pass the time, before Kara questioned whether Mon-El had feelings for her. He ambiguously denied it, before collapsing in a coughing fit. She opened the cell, seeking medical attention. Deducing that the virus was from Krypton, Kara further deduced that Cadmus had used a sample of her blood to get in to the Fortress of Solitude, thus obtaining the virus. Kara traveled to the Fortress, where she was greeted by a reprogrammed Kelex. He attempted to kill her, but she used her heat vision to destroy him. Using the Fortress' computers, she was greeted by a hologram of her father, who explained the virus, Medusa, to her. Returning to the D.E.O. with all of the information she could, Kara sat by Mon-El's bedside, before later reminiscing of her life on Krypton to J'onn, admitting that her parents were not who they seemed. Suddenly, J'onn was struck by an immense wave of pain, showing his oncoming White Martian form. He explained what had happened with M'gann's blood transfusion, believing there to be no cure. Soon after, Supergirl headed to L-Corp, taking on Cyborg Superman. When another breach was opened for a moment, Hank was distracted, allowing Supergirl to gain the upper hand, but he escaped. Kara returned to the D.E.O. with an injured Maggie Sawyer, before she went to talk to Lena. She explained her mother's role in Cadmus, but Lena refused to believe her. Kara, distraught that her family had caused Mon-El's condition, went to sit with him as he woke up. The two kissed, before Mon-El returned to sleep. Later on, Supergirl and J'onn left to the National City port, where Cadmus planned to release Medusa via air.
Supergirl went after the rocket with Medusa virus

Supergirl went after the rocket with Medusa virus.

While J'onn took on Cyborg Superman, Kara went after the rocket with the virus. As she caught up with it, Lillian Luthor detonated it. With the virus having been made inert, with no risk to any alien, she returned in time to knock out Cyborg Superman and save J'onn. Back at the D.E.O., Mon-El woke, fully recovered thanks to Eliza's reverse engineering of a living sample of the virus. Kara questioned if Mon-El remembered anything they'd discussed, but he played coy. The following day, Kara returned home with a number of bags to find Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon, wishing to have a favor repaid.[2]

Assisting with the Dominators

Arriving on Earth One in order to help against the Dominators, Barry introduced Kara to everyone, before they all trained against her, much to everyone's losses as they realized her near-invincibility. Barry later appeared, telling everyone that because he created Flashpoint, he had screwed up everyone's lives, and asked to not be trusted, instead staying behind with Oliver. Kara and the other heroes arrived at the salt mine where the Dominators were. A trap was set in place, causing them to be mind controlled and turned against The Flash and Green Arrow. With the Flash's quick thinking, he led Supergirl to the salt mine and tricked her into destroying the mind control device, freeing everyone. As a precaution, Supergirl scouted around Central City and made sure there weren't any more of the devices.[31]

Supergirl and The Flash headed to Star City to assist Team Arrow's recruits in taking down Laura Washington, a scientist who stole a completed prototype of a regulator, something the team needed to decode their alien technology. She double-teamed with the Flash and took down Washington in a flashy technique, thus earning the praise of Rene, who had previously despised them.[32]

The heroes take on the Dominators in a final showdown

Supergirl and the heroes of Earth One take on the Dominators in a final showdown.

When the Dominators threaten to release on Earth a bomb that would end every meta-humans life along with millions of human lives, Supergirl and The Flash raced around the world planting the device Lily and Martin Stein made that would put the Dominators in excrutiating pain on every Dominators on Earth. When Felicity activated the devices the Dominators were in extreme pain and once Firestorm transmutated the meta-bomb into water the Dominators retreated leaving Earth. After the heroes beat the Dominators, Kara took part to their celebration party and suggests the new President of U.S. of Earth One to found their version of the D.E.O., prior to return to her Earth using an inter-dimensional extrapolator given to her as a present by Cisco to allow her to travel between their universes any time she wishes.[33]

Back to her dimension

Around a week after returning from Earth One, a grieving mother came to CatCo seeking help from Snapper Carr on finding her daughter, Izzy, who had disappeared. Though Snapper appeared unsympathetic, Kara eagerly decided to assist. She sought out Maggie Sawyer at the alien bar, gaining information about a suspicious clinic offering monetary rewards for blood tests. Together with Mon-El, who learned of her quest and decided to help, they investigated the clinic under the disguise of a couple of millennials. Soon they discovered the personnel there are in fact aliens and Kara pursued them through the portal that connects Earth to their planet. Despite being told to get help, Mon-El decided to follow her, a good decision as he was able to save her from a sneak attack from one of the aliens, however they found themeselves stranded on a planet with a red sun and, therefore, they're both powerless. While Mon-El wanted to retreat, Kara insisted they press on with the mission regardless. Spotting a fortress which they determined to be the aliens' base of operation, they headed towards it only to be ambushed by a local harmless hermit, Jo, from wich they learned they're on Maaldoria, the "Slaver's Moon", a hub of sentient trafficking. Kara and Mon-El were able to infiltrate the slavers' fortress by feigning surrender, and afterwards they encountered Roulette, who was partially behind the operation. They also discovered the missing humans, and with them were soon sold to a Dominator.
Supergirl stands up for the other slaves

Supergirl stands up for the other slaves.

After Kara had a talk with Mon-El about heroism, the slavers ordered the group to start moving. Kara, despite having no powers, attempted to block them from taking the others, only to be hit with electric shocks. As the slavers repeatedly tortured her with their weapons, the others, seeing her in agony, were moved by her sacrifice and seized the opportunity to disarm the slavers moving together to escape. They were then helped out of the fortress and taken to the portal by Alex and the strike team that she had assembled.

Later that night, Mon-El went to Kara's apartment and tells her he has decided that he wanted to be a superhero on Earth just like her.[34]

Kara started Mon-El with his hero training at the D.E.O. and after a few trials, it seemed like he might be ready to head out to the field. At that time, Livewire had escaped from prison and although Kara is greatly upset about her nemesis being at large, Mon-El was excited to help her track down the villainess. When the police were attacked by two people with Livewire's powers Kara and Mon-El went to stop them. Kara told Mon-El to stay and protect the officers while she fought the Livewires. Mon-El shielded them from the lightning but when he saw that Kara was starting to be in trouble, he left the officers to try and save her. He accidentally deflected a lightning blast to one of the officers but luckily Guardian had been there to absorb most of it with his shield. After the Livewires retreated, they saw that Guardian was really Jimmy Olsen and Kara has a massive fight with him as she disapprove the risk he is taking, however he reminded her she is not the one who decide who can be an hero and angrily leaves. Later Kara confronted Mon-El with abandoning the officers and he defended himself stating that he saw she was in trouble. However, Kara asked if the real reason that Mon-El was doing this was for her, which Mon-El just left her without answering. Later, it was revealed that Livewire had been kidnapped by a scientist to make Livewire soldiers and Kara felt guilty for not having think about it because of their past together.
Mon-El, Supergirl and Guardian

Supergirl, Mon-El and Guardian fight together.

Meanwhile to prove their value in Kara, with the help of Winn Mon-El and Guardian track down Livewire's copies and the scientist who created them but they're both subdued. Later Winn revealed their location to Kara an she arrived to help free them and Livewire and together the four stopped the scientist and his soldiers. As Livewire was about to kill her former captor, Supergirl moved to reason her not to do it but letting him go to jail insisted, to which Livewire agreed after Supergirl promised not to look for her until after the scientist was locked away, then Livewire left her, promising to return. That evening, Kara told both James and Winn that she had always seen them as heroes even before they became vigilantes and that if they intended to continue she will neither stop nor support them, however they claimed they will not stop. Later Mon-El visited Kara at her apartment and confessed that he remembered kissing her when he was sick. He also told Kara that he saved her during the attack because he cared about her. Though he said that he understood that she might not feel the same way but he asked Kara to still work with him and help him become a hero. As Mon-El left the apartment Kara was speechless and both of them were left awkward and flustered.[35]

White Martian attack

Kara had an awkward conversation at the alien bar where she attempted to smooth things over with Mon-El while justifying why she apparently didn't like him. After he left, feeling emotionally unwell, she found Alex and intended to discuss plans to celebrate the day she arrived on Earth to alleviate her stress, however Alex had other plans with Maggie and proposed to postpone the event; despite being visibly hurt, Kara wished Alex a good time. Outside, M'gann confronted J'onn about following her around in different disguises, while J'onn explained it was for her safety against a White Martian attack. That proved to be true in the midst of their conversation as Armek emerged to attack them. Kara arrived outside to intervene and drove Armek away.

Kara fights the White Martian who impersonates Alex

Supergirl fights the White Martian who impersonates Alex.

J'onn decided to invite M'gann to the protection of the DEO headquarters. Kara was present with others in the building when Armek impersonated M'gann and attacked. J'onn sealed the structure to prevent his escape as the group devised means of identifying who Armek may be impersonating next. After a flame test it was revealed that Armek impersonated Winn, and he escaped after a brief fight with Kara and J'onn. J'onn deduced the real Winn must also be in the building, and the group discovered the reactor of the building has been set to explode. Kara alongside Alex searched for the real Winn, and she revealed her feelings to Alex on the way. However it was soon revealed there was a second White Martian, and it has impersonated Alex. Kara was able to defeat this one after a long fight, while Armek was killed by M'gann.
Kara's Earth Birthday

Kara celebrates her Earth Birthday with Alex.

The real Alex experienced their conversation through the Martian's telepathic bond and went to Kara's apartment to talk to her. The sisters made peace and celebrated Kara's Earth Birthday together. However Alex also deduced Kara wanted to devote lengthy plans to her celebration to distract away from other emotional stress. While reluctant at first, eventually Kara admitted she in fact has feelings for Mon-El. Under her sister's encouragement, she decided to confess her attraction to him. She encountered him at CatCo the next day, but as she was about to speak to him about her feelings, Mon-El revealed he was on a date with Eve. As the two left, Kara was once again alone feeling disheartened.[36]


Kara is kind, caring, selfless, intelligent, courageous, and has a sense of justice, honor and good morals, however, when she makes mistakes, she feels guilt and remorse for her actions. Due to her being a new superhero, Kara unfortunately does not have the confidence that her cousin Clark Kent possesses. She is also short-tempered and sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her.

She is also very forgiving and willing to give people second chances hoping to help her aunt Astra find redemption, though ultimately didn't' get the chance because Alex killed her. Despite her sister killing her aunt however Kara chose, very tearfully, to forgive her. She is also willing to look past Lena's ties to the Luthor family seeing her as her own person, whereas many aren't willing to look past her relation to Lex.

Despite loving her parents as a child, since becoming Supergirl Kara has learned much more about the people they really were and has become quite disgusted with them. She learned that Alura used her as a means to arrest Astra for her crimes which ironically were an attempt to save Krypton, as Alura was one of the many who refused to accept it's impending fate; this made Kara especially resentful towards her mother for some time. She also learned that Zor-El developed the Medusa Virus as a means to kill all lifeforms other than Kryptonian, as a means to defend Krypton from invasion. This especially angered Kara as Medusa would later end up in the hands of Lillian Luthor, who would try to use it to kill all alien life in National City. Despite learning all they've done Kara does strive, very reluctantly, to still love and honor their memory.

Powers and abilities


  • Kryptonian physiology: Normally, like all Kryptonians, Kara's capabilities are no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning. However, once charged by the energy of a blue or yellow sun and metabolized into her body, she becomes able to perform various inhuman feats. While generic for her race, having grown up half her life with these powers have allowed her to use these abilities with far greater control and a equally greater levels of raw power compared to other Kryptonians.
    • Solar energy absorption: While Kara's powers are dependent on the energy spectrum from a blue or yellow sun, her body is able to constantly and passively absorb such energy while exposed to it, essentially keeping her reserves fully charged near-constantly. Direct exposure to sunlight will also accelerate her recovery from any injuries she does manage to sustain.
      • Accelerated healing factor: Kara's solar charged metabolism accelerates her healing and allows her to burn calories at a fast rate, making her resilient to weight gain. Upon being struck by an alien war hammer which penetrated the skin of her arm, when the piece was removed she healed instantly.
        • Contaminant immunity: This also grants her immunity to all forms of disease and contaminants on Earth. However, despite being unable to being inebriated or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol from Earth, she has shown herself to have a particularly low tolerance to alien alcohol.
      • Flight: Kara is able to manipulate her own gravitational field to generate thrust and propel herself through the air, often at supersonic speeds, much faster than she can travel by foot. As such, she is able to levitate and fly past Earth's atmosphere and near the planet's orbit.[1][2][31]
        • Super-leaping: Kara is able to jump several stories in a single bound without having to fly. Even as a child, she was able to leap onto a crashed car several feet away, and when trying to fly again after several years, she was at first only able to jump upwards two stories before shooting skyward. While fighting Alex Danvers, who was controlled by Myriad and wearing a Kryptonite-exosuit, both she and Alex jumped several stories into the air while attacking each other.
      • Heat vision: By concentrating every solar energy reserve she has in her body, Kara can emit blue energy beams of variable intensity from her eyes. Due to her control over the beams, she has demonstrated being capable of burning though stone and welding metal, causing small explosions and fires, and physically repelling enemies with similar durability, making it useful in combat. However, she has personally utilized it for more mundane uses, such as heating up beverages and cooking food.[1][2][31]
      • Invulnerability: Kara is essentially invulnerable to all Earthly weapons, with bullets simply ricocheting whenever they come in to contact with her skin. However, her durability has proven to be somewhat weaker than that of her cousin, Kal-El. This is probably due to the fact that he has spent more time under the Earth's yellow sun than Kara has. She is immune to most forms of extreme punishment, as shown when she was completely unaffected by attacks with the A.T.O.M. Exosuit, and Mick Rory's Heat Gun. She also was able withstand the Flash's lightning despite it having knocked out both Firestorm and Atom though this might be because it was not all directed at her. Caitlin Snow even stated that Kara was "invincible" while she was mind controlled into fighting Barry. However, her near immunity to damage and outside forces did not protect her from the Dominator's mind control device, which made her mindlessly turn against her allies.[31]
      • Longevity: As a Kryptonian, Kara's life span is considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages much slower.
      • Super breath: Kara is able to exhale powerful gusts of air from her mouth which are similar to force winds. She can also cause the temperature of her breath to drop, therefore able to freeze nearly anything.[1]
      • Super hearing: Kara has super-sensitive ears that can pick up sounds from miles away.
      • Super speed: Kara possesses the ability to move at incredible speeds, far greater than that of any normal human. Once she started to actually use her powers in a less restrained way, she was easily able to move at greater supersonic speeds, even to the point where she could almost catch up with a tachyon enhanced speedster like Barry Allen, who at that time could go faster than Mach 13.[1] She commonly uses her speed to appear and disappear faster than people can notice, as well as to somehow change in or out of her Supergirl suit in seconds.
      • Super strength: Kara's strength is enhanced under a yellow sun, enough to easily kill a normal human if she were to attack them directly. After embracing her powers as Supergirl, Kara's true potential started to manifest, allowing her to stop a train moving at Mach 1, or lift over a million tons of condensed star material. While not limitless, the extent of her super strength is undetermined; making her among the strongest terrestrial beings in the known multiverse alongside her cousin and J'onn J'onzz. Despite her strength, Kara still must physically exert herself when fighting other super powered beings of similar levels of strength and durability, such as other empowered Kryptonians, as well as to lift or press objects or structures that are larger than herself, such as planes or ships.[1]
      • Telepathy immunity: Kara is immune to all forms of telepathy; even from someone as powerful as J'onn J'onzz, however apparently not from the Dominator device.
      • X-ray vision: Kara has the ability to see through objects which she used to detect the kidnapped Earth One President of the United States in a salt mine.[31]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Since joining the D.E.O., Kara's sister Alex has been teaching Kara to better handle herself in battle against opponents with formidable powers of their own, including how to use their own momentum against them. Ultimately, even with her powers temporarily disabled, Kara has become a highly proficient fighter, able to compete against the more experienced Alex and Astra. As the series went, Kara became even better at this, managing to hold her own against Indigo in their fight, also defeating Maxima. She also was able to defeat Mon-El, a former royal protector, during their training session, though this may have been due to her using her powers.
  • Bilingual: Kara is capable of fluently speaking English and her native Kryptonian.


Kara possesses all the typical weaknesses of a super-powered Kryptonian.

  • Green Kryptonite: Like all Kryptonians, Kara can be weakened by green kryptonite, as it is a radioactive mineral from her home planet Krypton. Green Kryptonite not only weakens her physical attributes, leaving her mortal and vulnerable to weapons and anything in general that can kill a normal human, but if she is exposed to it for too long, it will kill her.
  • Red Kryptonite: Like all Kryptonians, if Kara is exposed to red kryptonite, it gradually destroys her inhibitions until she becomes a corrupt version of herself, left with all her negative personality traits and thoughts on the surface of her mind. Without her morality, rationality, or any cares whatsoever, she will become malevolent, prone to hostility and aggression, and a danger to everyone around her. It specifically caused her to develop an inferiority complex that drove her to try and force people to worship her. Both James Olsen and Alex Danvers stated that Kara's darker self was simply influenced by the darkness already inside of her, such as her suppressed resentment of Alex for overshadowing her and her jealousy of Lucy Lane for being with James. She was overcome by guilt, shame and horror at her actions after being cured, with the stress of experiencing all her negative emotions and thoughts at once increasing her emotional pain.
  • Extreme energy: Extreme amounts of energy, such as the energy from the Reactron suit or Livewire's electricity, while she is at her peak, can be enough to kill Kara.
    • Electricity: Despite her invulnerability, Supergirl seems relatively vulnerable to large amounts of electricity. This was seen when fighting against Livewire, as she was hit with a rather large blast while mid-air and it nearly knocked her unconscious. She seems to have developed her powers since then, as she was able to withstand a powerful blast of the Flash's lightning with little to no effect. Though this may have had something to do with Flash's electricity possibly not being as powerful as Livewire's.
  • Red sun energy: The energy from a red sun is known to be the Kryptonian's natural sun and therefore, exposure to it will strip them of their powers, rendering them equivalent to an ordinary human on Earth.
  • Solar energy depletion: Using her powers to its maximum for an extended period can significantly drain her solar energy to the point where Kara loses all of her powers and is rendered more human-like for at least a day or more. This renders her as weak as a human, allowing Kara to get injured and killed as easily as normal humans. When she wasted away a very large amount of her solar energy on the Red Tornado, she became mortal for a while until her body's solar energy reserves were recharged.
Supergirl being controlled by the Dominators

Supergirl being controlled by the Dominators

  • Dominators' orb: Kara has immunity to telepathy, however the Dominators' orb was capable of overriding this barrier and brainwashed her to battle her trusted friend and ally the Flash.[31]
  • Lead: Kara can not see through lead, even with her X-ray vision.
  • Magic: Like all Khryptonians and humans, Kara can be affected by supernatural forces or powers. This is because her powers are due to her natural physiology and not from the supernatural.
  • Super hearing/High-frequencies: Though considered a strength, Kara's hearing does have its disadvantages. Since her hearing is more sensitive than a normal human's, higher pitch noises (sonic screams, etc.) can disorient her and cause pain in her ears, leaving her vulnerable in a fight. Therefore, enemies with sound based powers, like Silver Banchee can potentially be powerful enough to cause her ears to bleed.
  • Sound-dampening technology: The D.E.O. designed frequencies to block super-hearing and cause Kara slight pain when trying to use it in areas protected by the technology.


  • Supergirl suit: Kara wears a suit as her super-heroine alter-ego, Supergirl, to hide her identity from her enemies, when she goes out fighting crime. It was designed by her friend Winn Schott and, though it is also unknown what materials it is made from, it is shown to be just as immune to damage as a Kryptonian, having only been pierced by alien technology, such as Vartox's axe, and by Kryptonite. Kara notably is able to change into her costume in seconds with her speed, usually keeping it underneath her civilian clothing.
  • Inter-dimensional extrapolator: Given to her as a present by Cisco, it can create small breaches to allow travel between Earth 1 and Earth 38 anytime she wants to. It also has communication functionality that can allow contact between universes.
  • Lead-based glasses: As a teenager Kara was given a pair of lead lined glasses to help her control her visual powers.



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  • It was shown that Supergirl is extremely powerful, as she was able to defeat the likes of The Atom, Heat Wave, White Canary, Spartan, Speedy, and Green Arrow all at once numerous times. She was also able to nearly match the Flash in speed.
  • Physically, Kara is 26 years old. However, due to her being 13 when she left Krypton, spending 24 years in the Phantom Zone (and not aging while in there), spending the next 12 years on Earth hiding her powers, and then over a year using them, Kara is technically 50 years old.
  • Kara is the only main protagonist in the Arrowverse who doesn't originate from Earth One.
  • Kara normally wakes up at 6:45 a.m.[22]
  • Kara once mentioned that she has been to 12 different planets, aside from or in addition to Earth and Krypton.[3]
  • Kara is the only Supergirl character that have been refered on Arrow.
  • Kara has had three love interests so far: James Olsen, Adam Foster and Mon-El. Winn Schott also had a crush on her for a time though the attraction wasn't returned and Winn has since moved on. Additionally Sara Lance, Mick Rory and Mr. Mxyzptlk are all in some measure attracted to her.

Behind the scenes

  • In a nod to Brandon Routh's previous role as the title character in the 2006 film Superman Returns, Ray Palmer made a brief remark about Kara resembling his cousin.
  • Kara Zor-El debuted in Action Comics #252 (May, 1959) as the cousin of Superman, rocketed from Argo City before it's destruction. She later died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths (October, 1985) event. Kara was later re-introduced into the DC continuity in Superman/Batman #8 (2004). She was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.
  • The event of Supergirl losing her powers was called a "Solar Flare" by Jimmy Olsen, as he stated Kara's cousin, Superman also called it this at times when he depleted his powers. In Superman #38, part of The New 52, it is revealed that Superman's heat vision is a precursor to a power also called a "Super Flare", in which Superman release a large explosive force of his solar energy from his entire body, which leaves him depleted and the equivalent of a human for 24 hours.
  • In the comics, Supergirl has used several aliases for her civilian identity including: Kara Kent, Linda Lang, Claire Connors and most famously Linda Lee Danvers, who was later adapted to be a separate character altogether. Supergirl's name on the show, "Kara Danvers", is a combination of some of those aliases, this being the first instance this particular name has been used, though it was later incorporated in the comics.
  • Supergirl marks Kara Zor-El's third live action appearance; previously appearing in the 1984 Supergirl film (where she was portrayed by Helen Slater), and Smallville (portrayed by Laura Vandervoort). Both actresses who played Supergirl previously have appeared in this show.


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